Underwater Ireland: A video of the hidden treasures Irish Seas and Rivers

Check out this amazing video of underwater Ireland.

It’s not a secret that Ireland still remains the most unspoiled and one of the least discovered from the developed countries in the world.

Those who are living here and those who have visited Ireland think they have seen all the most beautiful parts of it but there is a part of Ireland hidden under water, not too far just below the surface. Looking from the land you will never imagine what is hiding is that often dark mass of water that world is even brighter and more colorful that the one that’s around us and you can see it with your own eyes imagine all these views not on a small screen but everywhere around you in reality.

I guarantee that you will be impressed as I was a few years ago when for the first time I submerged my face underwater in Ireland. That day, I decided that I have to show all this beauty to the rest of the world to show that Island is incredibly beautiful not only above water but under it as well to help those who are looking for something special something different in Ireland and to promote tourism in Ireland.

People in Ireland should know that they don’t need to travel far to see magnificent underwater views because they can discover all the beauty right here in their homeland and they do not need any expensive gear or any special training all this beauty can be accessed even by children without any risk.

This underwater videos was recorded entirely on location in Ireland while free-diving and snorkeling.