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County Down Tourist Information - Why Ireland

carlingford loughAll the towns and towns discovered in Ireland are amazing and stunning locations to go to and County Down is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Ireland. You can view beautiful mountain ranges as well as incredible loughs like Carlingford Lough

Country Down is more than just a captivating location, each of the surrounding towns have something special to provide that brings in numerous visitors from throughout the world. This is an excellent location to go to for a couple of weeks and take all of County Down and the surrounding locations that Ireland to provide. If you want to explore the northern part of Ireland both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Country Down is an excellent location from which to base your expeditions.

The whole location is well-known for outdoor activities such as The Royal Country Down golf club is a popular location for those who like to play golf.

Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland is buried in Down Cathedral.


Newry in County Down is known as in Irish as the Yew Tree at the head of the Strand. It is believed that Saint Patrick grew a Yew Tree right here to let the land thrive and grow in the exact same method.

Initially it was the location of an abbey which just lasted a couple of years prior to being burned down. Later on, a fort developed up around the location after a castle was built on the grounds of the old abbey.

This sadly resulted in the entire town being burned down in 17th century by the armies of these King James the 2nd.

Modern Newry is the 4th biggest city in Northern Ireland and has a dynamic mall loaded with high and regional street shops. There are numerous occasions to amuse the seeing traveler throughout the year and lots of visitors’ destinations. You can lose yourself in time as you check out the old castles and keep of the location.

It is also a popular shopping venue for shoppers from the Republic of Ireland depending on currency exchange rates.

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