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About - Why Ireland

The Why Ireland Irish Tourist Information portal is here to give you everything you need to plan to your best holiday in Ireland. We will give you information on what to see and do in Ireland.
About Ireland

Ireland’s total area is 84,412 sq kilometers with a total coastline of 3,172 km. featuring some of the worlds most beautiful pictures and rugged coastlines.
What Makes Ireland Unique

Ireland is a country that features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world as well as well-known Irish hospitality. It is a must see for any tourist.

Dublin is the capital city and is well-known for its nightlife and pubs.

When you travel to Ireland, there is never a dull moment because this nation teems with charming locations and sights to see. Every location has its own story to tell and rich history behind it.

Ireland is known one as the Emerald Island due to its greenest landscapes and spectacular sights.
Tourist Attractions in Ireland

There are various tourist attractions and areas to check out in Ireland. All these places are of exceptional quality and travellers just fall deeply in love with them. Tourists can indulge in as many different activities as they like.

Getting to Ireland is easy at airports in the major cities as well as ferry ports and an extensive bus and rail network.

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