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Traveling to Ireland by Ferry - Why Ireland

Traveling to Ireland by Ferry

Taking the family on ferry holiday to Ireland can be an excellent method to reduce the tension of travel, especially if you are travelling with small children.

Now that air travel is becoming more and more inconvenient with long security queues and tiny baggage allowances or people are turning to travelling to Ireland by ferry.

There are no baggage restrictions and you can bring your car.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your ferry crossing to Ireland.

Take a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin or Dun Laoghaire (3.5 hrs approximate ferry travel time to Ireland).

Sail to Dublin or Dun Laoghaire directly using the ferry to Holyhead. It’s most likely easier than travelling by plane for the reasons mentioned above. You can also travel from Cairnryan in Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland which will leave you perfectly positioned to visit Tourist attractions such as the Titanic Exibition in Belfast as well as the Giants Causeway in Antrim and much more.

If you are travelling to Ireland by ferry from the UK, you will most likely schedule the Holyhead Dublin ferry. On this ferry crossing visitors have an option of the world’s biggest car ferry, Ulysses, or an extremely quick ferry, Jonathan Swift, for the journey in between Holyhead port, the primary town on Anglesey, and the Irish capital, Dublin.

Traveling to Ireland from Europe by Ferry

The fastest ferry crossing from Europe to Ireland is from Roscoff, France the trip takes approximately 14 hours. Another Ferry Crossing is from Cherbourg to Dublin which takes 19 hours.

The travel times may seem long but are worth it when you consider you can bring your Car or Motorcycle and travel the entire island of Ireland once you arrive.

The ferry crossings to Ireland from France are over night crossings, so you can get a good nights sleep and awaked in Ireland ready to start your holiday.

Make certain you’ve everything you need for an over night stay when you come aboard. Sea sickness tablets might not be a bad idea if it is your first time travelling by ferry to Ireland. Bring food and something to drink unless want to use the bar and restaurant facilities purchase them on board the ferry. A sandwich isn’t really the most premium method to begin your journey, however it leaves some money for you to have a much better meal when you arrive in Ireland.

Things to do to keep you occupied on Your Ferry Trip to Ireland

  • From the minute you show up onto the ferry take time to check out the ship. Walk around and see what facilities are available and find the best place to relax and enjoy your ferry crossing.
  • Enjoy some food and drink in the many restaurants and bars each ferry has.
  • Do some shopping there is a card shop selling souvenirs as well as drink.
  • Take a stroll on the outer decks and enjoy the fresh sea air and take in the amazing view as your ferry leaves the coast heading for Ireland.
  • Use the free on-board Wi-Fi to search the web and catch up on the latest happenings on Facebook.
  • Perhaps you simply wish to have a snooze, so relax on your chair and unwind or if you are on the cruise ferry you may want to get a cabin and have a sleep.

Another area to keep your eye out for are family centres. Ferries to Ireland are very children friendly, so the majority of them have areas for shops, movie theaters, and play locations.

You will discover some extremely appealing holiday accommodation offers readily available when you reserve your ferry tickets and it is well worth thinking about booking either your hotel in Ireland or Irish holiday home to get even more out out of your holiday to Ireland.

Taking a ferry to Ireland is an entirely pleasurable experience. You will be amazed by how rapidly the journey passes and how much there is to do on board.

Enjoy your trip.

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