Killarney, Ireland

Driving from Dingle down to Killarney, where we walk the main streets and take a horse carriage ride passing one of the lakes of Killarney. Then on driving towards Kinsale in the south of Ireland. It’s one of the prettiest parts of the country.

Click to Subscribe is most famous for its three lakes, and the town itself is quite attractive. Killarney is the nation’s most popular destination after Dublin. People are drawn here primarily for the natural beauties around in the National Park, but the town itself has developed into a major tourist magnet.

There are quite a few shops packed into a small area. Those main streets outlined in blue add up to only about 1/2 a mile so it’s quite easy to walk through the center up and down both sides of the street.

One of the most popular activities here is riding in the horse carriage with some commentary by your local driver.

Killarney does have nice wide sidewalks in the downtown area with trees and some benches, and the shops each seem to be unique. It’s not like going to a big shopping mall. This place has a lot of character. The center of town, marked in the red circle is the crossroads of busy streets: High Street Main and New. Cars drive down the streets, so there’s no pedestrian zone as such, but the sidewalks are nice and wide, it’s easy to take a comfortable