Dublin Ireland – Fun Video Travel Guide

A fun city tour of Dublin Ireland. highlingting  the major tourist sites in Dublin including

  • Trinity College for the Book of Kells
  • Pubs in Temple Bar, Guiness Storehouse
  • Eating Fish and Chips at Leo Burdocks
  • Kilmanham Jail,
  • and O’Connell St.

When visiting Dublin the best place to stop is in front of the main tourist information center on Suffolk Street. It is a great place it is a great place to book your tours pick up all your maps and take tours and walking tours here on Suffolk Street in the heart of Dublin. Trinity College is a sight that should be on any tourists itinerary in Dublin. It’s free to come on the campus and look around as well as take in the amazing architecture. Trinity College is also famous for being home to the Book of Kells Museum. The museum is well worth a look and entry is €9 at the time of writing.

When visiting Ireland it’s important to bring your umbrella with you because it rains almost every day maybe three or four five times throughout the day for periods but your umbrella will help keep you dry through these bouts of uncertain rain. The temple bar area is Dublin’s nightlife spot. It’s the place where there are many Irish pubs to dance,drink on and to sing a few good Irish songs.


Dublin is the mecca for dark beer drinkers as it is the home of the Guinness Storehouse and brewery. Guinness around the world is brewed here in Dublin but true beer drinkers say that the beer from the tap here in Ireland tastes all that much better.


For cheap eats by Dublin Castle stop by Leo burdock the oldest fish-and-chip shop in Dublin where you can get your fish and chips and bring it over to the church and eat it on the five or ten minutes of Sun that you have here in Dublin. The presentation of it wrapped in wax paper sure isn’t much but this is one of the best fish and chips. Burdock’s also have restaurants in Howth, Temple Bar Tallaght and Rathmines.

I’ve ever had another good source for cheap eats is within one of the city’s many pubs O’Neill’s is a great example inside O’Neill’s there’s a carvery where you can get fresh carved meats sides like mashed potatoes and vegetables all for about 10 to 12 euro pretty good deal.

A very cool sight but a little bit depressing is Kilmainham jail it’s a great place to learn about the history of Ireland and the people that were inprosoned here by Britain. The best way to get to Kilmainham jail because it’s a long walk through the centre city is to take one of the hop-on hop-off bus tours and then you can see the rest of the city while you’re hopping on and hopping off.

O’Connell Street is Dublin’s Main Street it has a wide median in the middle and you can’t miss it because it has the really tall spire in the back and there’s also the O’Connell Street bridge which is the location of the first bridge constructed over the River Liffey the main river that flows through Dublin. And finally for shopping in Dublin check out Grafton Street a street that has been pedestrianised and has lots of Irish shops restaurants and like any spot where tourists gather there’s plenty of street performers to entertain as well so there you go your overview of Dublin now the time to take a trip have a pint of Guinness and do a little bit of Irish dancing