360 Degree Panorama View from Torc Mountain Killarney Kerry Ireland


Panoramatic View from Torc Mountain filled with fog on 10.2.2015 at 08:00 in the morning, about 1200 photo shoots taken for this time-lapse video.


The video was shot on a Foggy morning at Torc Mountain, Kerry, Ireland

About Torc Mountain

Torc Mountain in Killarney National Park is one spot you have to visit in County Kerry. It overlooks one of Ireland’s most amazing national parks – a craggy background to the lakes and forests. Torc Waterfall, cascading at the base of the mountain, is perhaps better-known than the mountain itself. However if you venture beyond the waterfall, you’re in for a reward. Treking the Torc Mountain path is enjoyable and rejuvenating and it just takes a few hours.

The Mountain (Irish: Sliabh Torc) is a mountain near Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland which is 535 m high. Torc Mountain gets its name from the Irish word torc meaning boar, after an enchanted boar was killed there by the legendary hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill.

Torc Mountain is the 383rd highest summit in Ireland.

Remember to sightsee at every chance as you will be treated to views of Killarney’s lakes, valleys, the Famine Fields where legend has it the starvation potato crops are still undamaged and wonderful breathtaking views of the National Park.

How to get to Torc Mountain, Co Kerry

Starting point: Car park at Torc waterfall on the N71, south of Killarney.
Finishing point: If you have 2 automobiles leave one at Galway’s Bridge, 7km south of Torc on the N71, or reverse from Sullivan’s Cascade or the school home.
How to get to Torc mountain: Take the N71, Muckross Road, south from Killarney for 5km
How long will it take to climb Torc Mountain: Four to 6 hours.