Surfing in Strandhill, Sligo. Ireland


Strandhill Beach. Surfing in Sligo

Strandhill is popular as a beautiful seaside resort and world-class surfers beach, and a prime tourist attraction on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Strandhill beach is in a northwest-facing direction and gets any kind of swell from southwest to north, which makes it among the most constant breaks in Ireland. Strandhill beach itself is sand-bottomed and is surrounded by other reef and point breaks. Depending upon what month you visit strandhill beach to go surfing, various areas of the beach can have exposed rocks, however, this does differ particularly in winter season.

Strandhill is normally thought about to be among the very best surfing beaches in Ireland and throughout the years has actually regularly produced Ireland’s leading surfers. If you have actually never ever surfed and want to have a go, you can take a lesson with some of Sligo’s best surfing schools and all equipment is supplied.

Strandhill has recently ended up being one of Ireland’s main surfing spots. Surfing is more than simply a sport here, it’s a way of living.

Strandhill beach is suffering a really regrettable issue occurring from the big Atlantic waves pounding upon the beach at Strandhill, and continuously moving the sands, causing the ever-present concern of beach erosion. This can make it difficult for inexperienced surfers to get across the rocks and into the sea, but the good news is that the situation is improving.

Any wind from the south is offshore for the beach, making conditions easy, however, the beach is widely known for being surfable even when the wind isn’t really beneficial. Sandbanks move a lot depending upon the tide and because of this, you will frequently see a group of excited surfers awaiting the tide to alter prior to they paddle out. Surfers in Strandhill are a friendly bunch, so do not hesitate to request for guidance on tides, wind or swell forecasts.